2019-09-03 15:27

STAUBLI TX90XL jen five-axis robot has high repeat positioning accuracy, the cutting precision of machined parts is guaranteed; 
Robot side bevel installation, with wide processing range; 
The interior light-guide design of the robot arm can place reflectors in each joint, which is safe and reliable!  Compared with those in the market adopting the structure of robot carrying laser + external light-guide arm, it has simple appearance, small robot load and is conducive to precision cutting; 
Rofin-Sinar carbon dioxide laser has stable performance and the sealed RF tube has a lifetime of 16000h; 
It has the core technology of inner optical circuit design and whole optical circuit debugging; 
Mature, cutting process database which is suitable for all kinds of material; 
Can choose to match the displacement machine, improve the cutting efficiency or complex parts processing; 
Protective room and dust removal system are optional; 
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