Yawei Machine tool: Old enterprises have gained new momentum

Yawei Machine tool: Old enterprises have gained new momentum

2017-05-27 10:36
Relying on technological innovation to grow into a world-class enterprise in the forming machine industry
Yawei machine tools: old companies glow new kinetic energy
Received the title of “Intelligent Manufacturing Advanced Enterprise” at the Provincial Manufacturing Conference
This is a dazzling transcript: last year's total assets amounted to more than 2.1 billion yuan, and the total profit exceeded 100 million yuan.
This is an established company that has been established for more than 60 years. From technological innovation, from manufacturing to creation, it has grown into a global leader in the molding machine industry.
At the provincial manufacturing conference held recently, 100 outstanding enterprises that made outstanding contributions to Jiangsu were commended, and Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Intelligent Manufacturing Advanced Enterprise”. In this regard, the company’s party secretary and former chairman Ji Suqin said frankly: “The success of Yawei’s machine tools lies in strong products, mechanism-based enterprises, team-building enterprises, cultural enterprises, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, and making China a better and stronger country. Manufacturing."
Strong products to enhance market competitiveness
The product is the integration of various resources of the enterprise. The recognition of the product quality by the customer is the recognition of the enterprise.
On the road of enterprise development, Yawei people who have fallen over the head and suffered bitterness have a deep understanding of this.
With painstaking thoughts, Yawei people reached a consensus: to do a good job in manufacturing, we must have products that are competitive in the market.
In 2011, Yawei first targeted the international advanced CNC bending machine. Ji Suqin and the general manager of the company, Leng Zhibin, led the team to Europe and visited Mr. Di Pulin, the founder of European CNC bending machine technology, to impress each other with sincerity and jointly establish a joint venture company, combining the characteristics of the domestic market and customer needs. Successfully developed a CNC bending machine with advanced European technology, which was launched in the domestic market and surpassed domestic counterparts in only three years.
After winning the CNC bending machine market, Yawei people did not stop here, but successively cooperated with Japanese and Italian companies to develop and produce internationally advanced and domestically leading CNC turret punch presses and CNC coiling machines to achieve “bends”. “Overtaking the road” has become the “leader” of the domestic high-end sheet metal forming machine tool industry. The technology, performance and sales of CNC turret punching machine are the first in the country and are also in the forefront in the world.
Yawei has a national post-doctoral research station and a research and development team that has gathered first-class technical talents in the field of sheet metal processing machinery. In recent years, it has undertaken six major scientific research projects at or above the provincial level, and four new products have been identified as Jiangsu Province. The first set of major equipment, 36 new products were identified as high-tech products above the provincial level, won 5 provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards, and won 168 patents of various types, including 18 invention patents. Yawei Machine Tool is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program. It has been rated as “National Quality Work Advanced Unit” and “China Top 30 Machine Tool Industry”.
Institutional development, open up the arms and innovation
In Yawei, there is such a saying that everyone knows: heroes don't ask for their source, wages don't distinguish their titles, and employers don't care about their seniority. At the beginning of this year, he was promoted to the champion of the Technical Department of the Coil Board. His hometown was in Xuzhou. After graduating from Yancheng Institute of Technology in 2005, he entered Yawei. He has a personal understanding of the phrase "the hero does not ask the source." In 2013, when he was the head of the technical department, he received a new product development task for the automotive industry. During that time, he and the team all flew in the laboratory, production workshop, and other colleagues got off work. He was still pondering product improvement, and often busy until 9 o'clock in the evening. After more than seven months, this product was successfully put on the market and sold to Changchun, Chongqing, Wuhan and other places. Last year, the sales exceeded 100 million yuan, and he himself was promoted.
In the 12 years of working at Yawei, with his hard work, Zhang Champion bought a house in Jiangdu and bought a car. He is also a deep insider, and Yawei’s talent mechanism of “being a meritorious person” has made himself. And employees like Zhang Champion are not a case in Yawei. In January of this year, a group of “post-80s” backbone employees were promoted to leadership positions in technology and sales.
"In Yawei, it is better to open your arms and innovate in practice." Ji Suqin said that enterprises can be better and stronger, relying on a talent team that is constantly growing and growing under the "horse race mechanism." For employees with outstanding performance, they are not only promoted, but also give incentives to equity, and encourage employees to innovate and physically open their minds.
Team-strong enterprise, everyone's shareholding
A team of low-key and pragmatic, innovative and practical, united and forge ahead is the source of Yawei's strength.
Yawei was founded in 1956. It was first reformed in 2000. In 2002, it was transformed from a state-owned property to a purely private limited company with 500 cadres and employees. In 2008, it was restructured into a joint stock company. In 2011, it was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Known as "the first share of forging machine tools."
The enterprise cake is getting bigger. How to make employees take the initiative to be the master and enjoy the dividend of enterprise development? Yawei’s approach is that everyone holds shares and concentrates on their hearts.
In 2016, with the continuous rapid growth of orders for Yawei CNC turret punch presses, how to ensure the product production cycle once became the focus of the company's attention. In the face of the processing efficiency of production equipment can not keep up with the requirements of equipment, Zhao Zhibin, the first-line technical worker in the workshop, waited for no need to do so. He automatically set up a technician studio and worked overtime for several days. Under the premise of not adding new equipment, the use of the current There is a machining center, which realizes one-time processing of the punching frame through process reform, and satisfactorily solves the problem.
In order to break the traditional concept and management mode and adapt the employees to the new production management situation, Yawei insists on using every Saturday night and Sunday afternoon to organize middle-level and above cadres to participate in the study, focusing on “role recognition” and “leadership”. The contents of "coaching skills" and "team building" have made everyone's concept change rapidly and management ability has been greatly improved.
On the basis of cadre learning, Yawei has extended the learning object to all employees, carried out the “Happy 20 Minutes” activity, exchanged information with each other in the morning for 20 minutes, and put it into work with full working status; Products, on the organization of reflective exchanges, have changed the bad habits of engineering designers who are closed and lack communication.
Choose a person, affect a group of people; match a group of people, activate a spirit of spirit, Yawei is striving to build a world-class service provider of mechanical equipment and solutions.
Cultural education, let employees integrate into the big family
Culture is the soft power of the enterprise, and Yawei people know this.
In Yawei, various activities are colorful. Yawei has more than 10 associations of hobbyists such as the Song and Dance Enthusiasts Association, the Calligraphy and Photography Association, and the Basketball Association. It regularly holds karaoke competitions, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, employee basketball competitions, badminton competitions, table tennis competitions, etc. Relax and reintegrate into the company's family.
At Yawei, the safety culture goes deep into the workshop. Yawei actively participated in the “National Security Month” activities, vigorously promoted the “Hidden Hazard and Occupational Hazard Monitoring Law”, signed and implemented the “Special Contract for Labor Safety and Health”, and organized the “Safety-Eternal Theme” speech activities and safety knowledge. The competition has built a peaceful and harmonious internal and external environment.
At Yawei, humane care continues. Enterprises play the role of bridges and unions of trade unions, and strive to adjust various contradictions and establish harmonious labor relations.
Into Yawei, every workshop can be seen as “the column of employee behavior benchmarking”, which is part of Yawei’s corporate culture innovation activities of “internalization and externalization”.

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