The first domestic multilateral bending machine appears in Yangzhou, which can produce 4 elevators when human can produce 1

The first domestic multilateral bending machine appears in Yangzhou, which can produce 4 elevators when human can produce 1

2017-07-04 10:38
Yesterday, the first domestic domestic multi-purpose bending machine was unveiled at Yawei Machine Tool in our city. It not only breaks the monopoly of foreign products, but also improves the production efficiency of elevators. When it is artificially assisted in the production of an elevator, it can produce four units.
You often need to take the elevator in your life, but you know, although many elevators are made in China, but many of the machine tools that produce elevators are imported from abroad. One of the difficulties is that the bending machine needs to be used in the production of elevators. At present, domestically produced equipment can only be bent on one side, and manual assistance is needed when encountering multilateral bending.
The first domestic multilateral bending machine was unveiled at Yang
Many people can't think of the elevators we often have to ride in life, and many of the machine tools that produce it are imported.
Taking the elevator door as an example, the elevator door we saw seems to be a plane, which is actually a “square box”. “There is a door panel on the outside of the elevator, and there is also a door panel inside. It is hollowed out from the middle.” Mr. Liu, an engineer at Yawei Machine Tool, said that the production of elevator doors requires folding the different door panels to form a “square box”. This is like taking a piece of paper and folding it into the shape of a box.
Among them, folding this "square box" requires a bending machine. At present, high-end bending machines are monopolized by foreign giants. “There is no company that does not have a company to produce a bending machine, but this type of bending machine can only bend on one side, and it cannot achieve multilateral bending like foreign products.”
The reporter learned that the biggest difference between unilateral bending and multilateral bending is that production efficiency is different. “Multilateral bending is formed once, after one-side bending is folded once, workers need to adjust one direction and then bend. And so on.” Liu Gong said that the larger domestic elevator manufacturers mostly use foreign mature products. .
Yesterday, Yawei Machine Tool's "CNC sheet metal multilateral bending machine" passed the expert's appraisal. This means that the first multilateral bending machine in the domestic machine tool field was unveiled at Yang. Yawei’s technology has broken the monopoly of foreign counterparts and filled the domestic gap in this field.
Artificially produced 1 elevator, it can produce 4 sets
"Our machine tool, the biggest feature is that it is a multilateral bending machine." Liu Gong said that this bending machine can be folded four sides at a time.
“The biggest benefit of one-shot molding is that it increases productivity.” He said that because the single-sided bending machine needs to manually adjust the direction and then bend, it wastes a lot of work time. In theory, the operating efficiency of a polygonal bending machine is four times that of a single-sided bending machine. That is to say, the manual auxiliary single-side bending machine produces one elevator, and the multilateral bending machine can produce four.
“Our machine tool can be applied to the appliance manufacturing industry such as refrigerators and microwave ovens in addition to elevator production.” Liu Gong introduced that all the manufacturing companies that need to bend and form can apply their machine tools.
A complete set of machine tools for manufacturing elevators can be produced
Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool is a company in Jiangdu District of our city, which is a leader in the domestic machine tool field. The reporter learned that the machine tools produced by the company have been systemized, and the machine tool products produced by them are used in many manufacturing fields such as automobiles, home appliances and elevators, and exported to Europe, the United States and other countries and regions.
Taking the elevator manufacturing industry as an example, Yawei currently has the ability to produce a full set of elevator machine tools. At yesterday's product appraisal meeting, the reporter also learned about two products - "volume punching and shearing automatic processing system" and "CNC right angle shear flexible processing unit".
According to Mr. Huang, another engineer of Yawei, the initial raw material of the elevator is steel, and the steel is in the form of a roll. “In the past, the production of elevator doors required cutting the steel into flat panels and remanufacturing them.” He said that their technology has been able to directly process the coils, minimizing the waste of scrap caused by cutting.
“The latter product is a shearing machine. It can only be cut in a single direction in China, and our products can be cut from two different directions.” He said that the two scissors are at right angles and can be lifted from two directions. Door panel cutting.
The coil punching machine, the multilateral bending machine and the shearing machine constitute the "production chain" of the elevator manufacturing. Liu Gong said that they hope to achieve systematic production in multiple manufacturing fields.
Correspondent Wang Xuezhong reporter Zhu Xuanqing

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