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PCY Series 3D Robot CO2 Laser Cutting System

PCY Series 3D Robot CO2 Laser Cutting System


■ High precision: STAUBLI fi ve-axis robot has high repetitive positioning accuracy and ensures cutting precision of workpieces

■ Advanced technology: built-in light guide design for robot arm, technology of internal light path design and whole

optical path debugging

■ Energy-saving and effi cient: the internal refl ection system of the beam has low maintenance cost, which makes the whole system more simplifi ed

■ Application technology: mature cutting process database for 3D cutting of metal, non-metal and composite materials

■ Non-destructive processing: laser fl exible processing non-contact, small deformation of material processing, no damage on the


■ Flexible confi guration: optional positioner, multiple robot combinations to improve cutting effi ciency or complex parts processing

■ Safety protection: optional protection room and dust removal system

Application range

Cuttable materials: PP, PA, PUR, PBT, PET, PE, ABS,

PVC, PC, metal, etc

■ Cut-able type: automotive exterior parts, automotive

interior parts, sheet metal parts, daily necessities and

plastic parts for home appliances, etc

Yawei CKY CYCN series has research the technology of

laser three-dimensional flexible processing of metal, nonmetal, carbon fi ber, FRP, etc. Solved the problems of process safety, environmental protection and human resources,

providing customers with high effi ciency, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection and fl exible laser 3D

processing system solution

Product description

Laser source type

CO2 laser source

Laser source power

≤650 w

Maximum workpiece size

1400×700×500 mm

Axis numbers of robot

5 Axis

Robot repeat positioning accuracy

±0.05 mm

Light path type

Internal light guide type

Cutting precision

±0.10 mm



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