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WFY Series Laser Combined Processing System

WFY Series Laser Combined Processing System


■ System equipped with branded robot + laser generator, laser generator can realize multi-path fi ber output

■ Can be equipped with ordinary fi ber welding head, 3D scanning mirror welding head, laser cladding head, laser quenching head,

to meet the customer personalized requirements

■ With automatic quick change function of multi-group laser processing head, fast response to different types of customer laser

processing, easy to operate

■ Modular design, can be integrated into a variety of different types of laser processing solutions

■ Can be divided into single-function equipment or combined into multi-function laser processing system

■ Can be taught by offl ine software programming, also can be taught manually, convenient and fast

■ Including different types of laser processing expert database

■ Can option robot additional axis and positioner with different functions, can achieve the linkage with robot, expanding processing

range and extended processing function


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