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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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Yawei Ckylaser has always firmly established the core strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, and established, improved and deepened the human resource management system that adapts to the future development.
We adhere to the people-oriented concept, so employees are the important assets of the enterprise, employees who have the courage to take responsibility and cooperate with each other are the core wealth of Yawei, talents are the eternal theme of the sustainable development of Yawei Ckylaser's innovation source, and talent training is the unchanging subject of the development of Yawei. Through internal training and external recruitment combined with the talent gathering way to build a high performance backbone talent team.
Talent exploition
Yawei adheres to the employment strategy of "only using talent and not sticking to one pattern", we do not stick to the restrictions of age and education, give employees the space to fully display themselves, and boldly promote young talents, give a full play to employees' advantages and are inclusive, so as to form a flourishing situation of talents.
Talent policy
Yawei adheres to the talent policy of gathering people and sharing benefits, and pays attention to the harmonious development of the Company's interests and individual interests. In recent years, the income of employees in the Company has been growing continuously, with the growth rate exceeding the growth rate of the Company's scale benefit. The talent incentive policy is strongly inclined to high performance talents, professional and technical backbone talents, professional sales backbone talents, professional skills backbone talents, professional management backbone talents and compound talents.
Talent system and mechanism
Establish a racing mechanism to encourage employees to achieve a win-win situation of enterprise development and personal growth through their own efforts and talents. We advocate the grassroots staff to love the industry they are working in. Middle level managers have solid experience at the grassroots level; Senior managers have cross-career experience; To build a talent pattern with "originality at the grassroots level, thickness at the middle level and width at the senior level".
We will implement a mechanism for selecting and dismissing cadres that gives priority to the capable and the fittest survive". For the cadres who are responsible and able to perform their duties, they should be provided with opportunities. For the cadres who can undertake important tasks and forge ahead with pioneering spirit and have outstanding contributions, priority should be given to providing channels for rapid development.

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