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Talent development

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Yawei special internal training system
    Based on the training management system, the Company has planned and systematic training for employees with the objective of being practical and effective. Theoretical training is combined with practical operation, short-term is combined with long-term training, to vigorously create rich learning atmosphere of taking learning as work, learning from work and make learning achievements, continuously improve the staff's professional skills and technical level. Yawei annually carries out training needs analysis and prepares grass-roots staff training plan, each unit set up a dedicated training room. We have established a perfect training system and set up our own team of internal trainers, so as to realize the mutual benefit of teaching and learning. At the same time, we carry out all kinds of special training at the same time and pay attention to the cultivation of reserve talents. The training forms are diversified and pragmatic, including centralized training, Hejun Business School training, cooperating with well-known universities to run master of engineering courses, postgraduate qualification training courses, EMBA executive training courses, social training institutions, peer expert teaching, as well as sending personnel to domestic and international well-known machine tools exhibition and other training methods. In addition to the training of skills and knowledge, we also continuously improve the comprehensive quality of employees by means of outward training, speeches and competitions that combine education with fun.
    Yawei conducts training demand analysis annually and makes training plans for grassroots employees. Each unit has set up a special training room. We have established a perfect training system and set up our own team of internal trainers, so that mutual benefit of teaching and learning can be realized. At present, the Company has 185 internal trainers of all kinds

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