Welding of pipe fittings

2019-10-09 11:12

The power of the fiber laser for welding is related to the thickness of the welded plate, generally 1mm corresponds to 1kw. Welding materials include carbon plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and so on;
The diameter of the fiber core of the welding laser is generally selected as 200μm, the collimator of the laser welding head is selected as 150mm, and the focus is selected as 300mm. The welding head has functions of blowing protection air, linear light and CCD monitoring. IPG and Precite are recommended for laser and laser welding head. Other brands are optional; 
Water-cooling machine selects the Tongfei Refrigeration, dust removal system selects Donaldson; 
The three-axis of welding movement are only used for adjusting the welding position before welding, and do not have the function of motion interpolation; 
Precitec LWM weld line online quality inspection system is optional. 

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