Mechanical Design Engineer

7000-12000 yuan

Minimum Education Background:

Bachelor degree

Recruiting Number:

Experience requirements:



  Experience requirements: fresh graduate of key university

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the head of Technology Department to formulate the rules for the management of electrical technology, carry out the implementation, and put forward suggestions for improvement and optimization according to the actual work;

  2. Participate in the introduction, learning and application of new tools, new standards and new regulations of electrical technology, and put forward improvement suggestions in time;

  3. Responsible for formulating the electrical design technical work plan, and implementing it in accordance with the plan;

  4. Responsible for the verification of the electrical scheme of new products, and record the verification results;

  5. Responsible for the preparation of electrical technical design schemes, including purchase orders, wiring, electrical equipment, hardware control design, etc., and timely change the plan according to the feedback;

  6. Responsible for preparing the assembly instruction documents of the electrical design scheme, change the scheme according to the feedback, and provide corresponding technical support;

  7. Assist in the technical communication of the order as needed, and complete the formulation and adjustment of the electrical technical plan;

  Job Qualifications:

  1. Major: Electrical engineering or automation engineering;

  2. Proficient in the type selection for application of various electrical components and electrical safety knowledge;

  3. Familiar with electrical drawing software, proficient in drawing electrical schematic diagrams;

  4. Master PLC programming, familiar with programming languages, such as C#, JavaScript;

  5. Knowledge of CNC system, drive motor, bus communication, industrial robot, etc. is preferred;