Talent Strategy

        Yawei Chuangkeyuan has always firmly sticked to the core strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents, and established, improved and deepened the human resource management system that adapts to future development.
        We adhere  to such concepts as people-oriented, employees are important property of the enterprise, employees who have the courage to take responsibility and unity and cooperation are the core wealth of Yawei, talents are the eternal theme of the sustainable development of Yawei Chuangkeyuan, and talent training is the unchanging topic of Yawei's development. We build a high-performance backbone talent team via the combination of internal training and external recruitment.


Talent Appointment

        Yawei adheres to the employment strategy of “choosing the best talents without any restrictive conditions”. It means that we don’t have any restrictions such as age and education and so on, giving employees the space to fully show themselves. We also actively promote young talents to utilize their strengths with inclusiveness, forming a prosperous situation of abundant talents.

Talent Policy

        Yawei adheres to the talent policy of financial dispersion and benefit sharing, pays attention to the harmonious development of company interests and personal interests. In recent years, the employee income has continued to grow, and the growth rate has exceeded the growth rate of the company's scale merit.The talent incentive policy is strongly favor high-performance talents, key professional and technical talents, key professional sales talents, key professional technical talents, key professional management talents, and compound talents.

Talent System and Mechanism

        Establish a horse racing mechanism to encourage employees to achieve a win-win situation of enterprise development and personal growth through their own efforts and talents. Advocate Grassroots employees to become specialist of their own work; The managers shall have solid grassroots work experience; Senior managers shall have cross-department experience; Create a talent pattern of “ingenuity at the grassroots level, richness in the middle layer, and width in the top level”.
        We carry out the leadership selection and withdrawal mechanism of “giving priority to the talent, selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior”, providing opportunities for responsible and capable leaders. Priority of rapid development channels is given to the one who can shoulder heavy responsibilities and forge ahead and make outstanding contributions.