YTF Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Features (1)Strongest expansion: Can be extended to three or four chucks (2)All power: Powerful development platform, optional functions such as bevel cutting, welding line detection, hot melt drilling etc. (3)Fast response: Nanoscale interpolation ensures high precision and microsecond response guarantees high efficiency (4)Digital intelligence: Support upstream data interaction, real-time control of production schedule

YTE Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Features (1)Intelligent Chuck: Advanced Chuck control system, automatic adjustment of clamping force (2) Beyond the limits: Extra large processing range, beyond all kinds of traditional tube processing methods (3) Digital Control: Bus technology real-time control, real-time precision compensation, follow-up control integrated, can cut quickly (4)Safety and environmental protection: Real-time protection with light curtain, double dust exhausting design

YTB Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Features (1) Pneumatic profiling support: Pneumatic profiling bracket makes loading more convenient (2) Transmission structure: Rack and pinion transmission structure ensures cutting accuracy and speed. (3) Friendly interface: convenient operation, optional automatic loading, a practical professional tube cutting machine designed for small and medium tube processing enterprises

Automatic Loading Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Loading system Flexible/convenient and cost-effective choice Semi-auto loading Economically applicable and easy to operate Batch cutting, realize automated production
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