Sales Manager

100000-500000 yuan

Minimum Education Background:

Junior college degree

Recruiting Number:

Experience requirements:



  Job Description:

  1. Participate in the marketing work in the responsible area, complete the task indicators designated by the company, and improve market share;

  2. Participate in the market analysis and forecasting of the responsible region to understand the status of peers;

  3. Participate in the management of regional accounts receivable, and actively take various measures to recover the balance;

  4. Under the guidance of the regional director, flexibly make use of the company's marketing policies;

  5. Do best in exhibitions, customer associations and other publicity work in the responsible area as required;

  8. Strictly implement the company's regulations on three-guarantee out-of-period services, and safeguard the interests of Yawei Chuangkeyuan and customers;

  9. Fill in various work reports on time as required, summarize, analyze and deal with customer demand information to improve the transaction rate;

  10. Actively handle customer complaints and participate in customer satisfaction survey activities organized by the company;

  11. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders;

  12. Able to work abroad.