Electrical Design Engineer

7000-12000 yuan

Minimum Education Background:

Bachelor degree

Recruiting Number:

Experience requirements:



  Experience requirements: fresh graduate of key university

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the development of new mechanical technology, responsible for the implementation of technology development tasks and result verification, and assist in application promotion and implementation;

  2. Participate in the introduction, learning and application of new tools, new standards and new regulations of mechanical technology, and put forward improvement suggestions in time;

  3. Responsible for the implementation and scheme optimization of the improvement plan of mechanical components and parts to ensure the normal acceptance of the improvement;

  4. Responsible for the mechanical scheme design of product orders, change the scheme according to the feedback, and report to the mechanical design supervisor for review;

  5. Assist in the preparation of processing and assembly instruction documents for mechanical design schemes, and carry out the follow-up work of processing implementation, and assist in dealing with mechanical and technical issues encountered in the process of processing and assembly of products.

  Job Qualifications:

  1. Major: mechanical or mechatronics engineering;

  2. Master the basic knowledge and skills of mechanical product design;

  3. Proficient in CAD mechanical drawing, PRO_E/UG 3D drawing and auxiliary manufacturing;