YTF Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Features (1)Strongest expansion: Can be extended to three or four chucks (2)All power: Powerful development platform, optional functions such as bevel cutting, welding line detection, hot melt drilling etc. (3)Fast response: Nanoscale interpolation ensures high precision and microsecond response guarantees high efficiency (4)Digital intelligence: Support upstream data interaction, real-time control of production schedule

YTE Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Features (1)Intelligent Chuck: Advanced Chuck control system, automatic adjustment of clamping force (2) Beyond the limits: Extra large processing range, beyond all kinds of traditional tube processing methods (3) Digital Control: Bus technology real-time control, real-time precision compensation, follow-up control integrated, can cut quickly (4)Safety and environmental protection: Real-time protection with light curtain, double dust exhausting design

YTB Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Features (1) Pneumatic profiling support: Pneumatic profiling bracket makes loading more convenient (2) Transmission structure: Rack and pinion transmission structure ensures cutting accuracy and speed. (3) Friendly interface: convenient operation, optional automatic loading, a practical professional tube cutting machine designed for small and medium tube processing enterprises

Automatic Loading Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Loading system Flexible/convenient and cost-effective choice Semi-auto loading Economically applicable and easy to operate Batch cutting, realize automated production

3D Five-Axis Laser Cutting System

Product Features Stability: High-rigid, diagonal-pull cantilever structure or gantry structure ensures long-term high-speed, high-precision and stable cutting Safety: Machine tool safety protection meets CE international safety standards. Diversification: Positioner and moving worktable, etc. can be used for loading and unloading, wide application Cost performance: Low cost investment, low use and maintenance cost

3D Robot Laser Cutting System

Product Features Combination of industrial robot and fiber laser Multi-robot combination Fastcut algorithm achieves faster speed without reducing the original cutting accuracy of the robot TCP is automatically calibrated, detected and corrected to ensure stable and reliable performance The function of expert database ensures better cutting quality

3D Robot Non-Metal Laser Cutting System

Product Features High Precision: STAUBLI five-axis robot hat high repositioning accuracy and ensures cutting precision of workpieces Advanced technology: built-in light guide design for robot arm with the technology of internal optical path design and whole optical path debugging Energy-saving and efficient: low maintenance cost for the internal reflection system of beam, making the whole system more simplified Application process: mature cutting process database to meet 3D cutting of metal, non-metal and composite materials Non-destructive processing: laser flexible processing is non-contact, small deformation of material processing and no damage on the surface Flexible configuration: optional positioner, multiple robots combinations to improve cutting efficiency or complex parts processing Safety protection: optional protection room and dust removal system

Laser Combined Processing System

Product Features System equipped with band robot + laser generator, laser generator can realize multi-path fiber output Can be equipped with ordinary fiber welding head, 3D scanning mirror welding head, laser cladding head, laser quenching head, to meet the customized needs With automatic quick change function of multi-group laser processing head, fast response to different typed of customer laser processing, easy to operate Modular design, can be integrated into a variety of different types of laser processing solutions Can be divided into single-function equipment Can be taught by offline software programming, also can be taught manually, convenient and fast Access to different types of laser processing expert database Option of robot additional axis and positioner with different functions, which can achieve the linkage with robot and expand processing range and extend processing function

3D Robot Laser Welding System

Product Features The function of expert database ensures better welding quality System mainly equipped with brand manipulator + laser generator + welding head Six-axis robot combined with flexible transmission of fiber laser can easily complete 3D part welding Stable running of equipment, high automation level, good compatibility Low cost of single-piece processing, suitable for all kinds of mass production Options of different welding methods such as self-fusion welding, wire filling welding, remote welding, arc composite welding, braze welding etc. Options of rotary table and positioner to realize switching of different workpiece processing
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