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High precision integrated cutting head, using the original imported three-dimensional laser cutting head, advanced technology, reliable quality; crossbeam using the welded crossbeam structure of ring ribbed plate + four sides of thin plate + four corners of thick plate, light weight, high rigidity; vertical beam using cylindrical thin-walled welded structure, light weight, high rigidity; safety protection system, when personnel enter the working radius of the rotary table can immediately stop the table rotation, to protect safety of personnel. Beautiful appearance and layout, integrated design of control cabinet and machine tool, reduce space occupation, improve reliability and stability of alignment, and streamline design of sheet metal, bring better visual aesthetics.


High-precision integrated cutting head, adopting original imported 3D laser cutting head, advanced technology and reliable quality; The beam adopts the welded beam structure of annular rib plate + four-sided thin plate + four-corner thick plate, which is light in weight and high in rigidity; The vertical beam adopts cylindrical thin-walled welded structure, which has light weight and high rigidity; The safety protection system can immediately stop the rotation of the table when someone enters the working radius of the rotating table to ensure the personal safety. Elegant shape and layout, integrated design of control cabinet and machine tool to reduce space occupation and improve wiring reliability and stability. The sheet metal adopts streamlined design to create better visual effect.